Child Custody

Nothing is more important to parents than their children.

Going through a separation or divorce is undeniably one of the most trying events a family can face. Lives are rearranged, possessions split, and emotions run high. A custody battle can be truly frightening without the proper representation.

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Pennsylvania Law Regarding Child Custody and Child Support

In Pennsylvania, determinations of custody and visitation are never considered final. Without favoring either the mother or father, courts look to the relationship of each parent and child. In these proceedings, the child’s preference is one of many factors considered by the court.

In seeking what is best for the children, even grandparents may file a petition for physical and legal custody of a grandchild.

The law is complex and distinguishes between physical custody and legal custody. It also addresses issues like a custodial parent moving out of the area with the child, access to medical records by the non-custodial parent, and how to seek emergency custody of a child whose life, health, or welfare is in immediate danger.

Did you know that even if a parent is not complying with a support order, a custody order which allows him or her to see the child must still be honored? As you can see, the potential for legal difficulty is enormous.

If you are facing even possible custody issues, you should seek the help of experienced family law attorneys immediately.

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Child Support Calculator

You may access Pennsylvania’s official online child support calculator at the following link:

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