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Divorce is nearly always a trying time for everyone involved. Distribution of assets, custody hearings, spousal support, and more consume your time and energy – not to mention the emotional weight of saying goodbye to a person you thought you’d be with forever.

Grudowski Law unfortunately cannot fix a failing marriage; however, we can ease some of the burden of divorce for you. We understand how divorce works in Pennsylvania and what you need to do in order to survive it.

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Divorce Experts in Pennsylvania

To be eligible for divorce in PA, you must have resided in the state for at least six months and be able to show that there are grounds for a lawfully acceptable divorce. Pennsylvania divorce proceedings are broken into 2 categories: Fault and No-Fault.

  • No-Fault Divorce – A no-fault divorce occurs by “mutual consent,” where both parties sign affidavits of consent. In this case, a divorce can be granted by the court within three months after the serving of a divorce complaint. If only one spouse wants a divorce, but you have been living apart for at least two years, a “no fault” divorce may also be granted.
  • Fault Divorce – A fault divorce may occur when one spouse is able to prove they are the “innocent and injured” party, at no fault themselves, and that misconduct on the part of their partner has caused the marriage to fail. Grounds for a Fault Divorce include violence, bigamy, adultery, desertion, insanity, or conviction of a crime.

Whether you plan to file fault or no-fault, Grudowski Law can help with your case. We have the experience and knowledge required to help you through this difficult time and get you back on the right track.

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Answers to Your Divorce Questions

In addition to the peace of mind gained just by having legal representation, one of the biggest services we provide in a divorce is simply answering or helping you answer the tough questions which arise before and during divorce proceedings, like:

  • Should I file for divorce?
  • When should I file for divorce?
  • What legal recourse may my spouse take against me?
  • How will marital assets be divided?
  • How will child custody be handled?
  • What do we do about our jointly-owned business?

…and more. If you are facing divorce and don’t know where to turn or what to do, turn to the trusted Pennsylvania divorce experts at Grudowski Law.

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