Establishing your Corporation or LLC

Incorporation services are offered by para-legal companies and even accountants, so why invest in the services of qualified attorneys to set up your corporation or LLC?

No one can predict what issues your new company will encounter down the road. You may run into legal issues which could re-shape your company.

Did you know that failing to follow through with annual maintenance and certain essential meetings can open you up for a personal law suit when your company runs afoul of a legal claim?

Incorporate the Right Way

In the long run, skimping on office supplies will save you more money than avoiding a proper incorporation. At Grudowski Law, our experience with business law cases allows us to provide a solid foundation for your new corporation, including the drafting of proper by-laws and partnership agreements.

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Contract Drafting, Contract Review, and Business Representation

Are you willing to risk the fate of your business to contract language you found on the Internet, as part of a kit, or in a software package? If you don’t work with a qualified attorney now, you can be sure an experienced litigator will be reviewing those contracts in painstaking detail should you run into trouble. We represent your company in troubled times.

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What is a Commercial Registered Office Provider?

If your company is doing business in Pennsylvania, but does not have a physical location in PA from which to do business, it needs the service of a CROP.

Pennsylvania requires all corporations, partnerships, and LLCs not located in PA have a Commercial Registered Office Provider that is registered with the Secretary of State for Pennsylvania, unless the corporation maintains its own office in the Commonwealth.

Additionally, entities required to provide a registered office address in any document filed in the Department of State may enter into a contract for the services of a CROP, listing the name of the CROP instead of providing a registered office address.

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