Protecting your Rights in all Civil Matters

What is Civil Litigation? Civil litigation is a legal dispute wherein money damages are sought or specific actions are required between one or more parties, often due to personal injury or a breach of contract.

  • Personal Injury is the most common form of civil litigation
  • Disputes over contracts and what work was or was not completed is another type
  • Perhaps a contractor did not finish building or remodeling work as specified
  • Others types include real estate claims, misrepresentation of property, or unclear titles
  • Legal issues may arise over contested Wills and improperly established Trusts

As you can see – Civil Litigation covers a wide range of situations and civil matters can arise within any of our Service Areas. We’re always ready to address the possibility of legal action in each of our service areas.

We will stand beside you with the full weight and authority of our legal expertise, ready to defend your rights no matter what comes your way.

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Why Choose Grudowski Law?

The Civil Litigation Process is an adversarial one. Defending your rights is often about challenge, conflict, and controversy.

You need an experienced attorney who is undaunted by the heat of a courtroom battle. They must be skilled in legal research and able to analyze complex legal precedents. Your advocate must have strong written and oral presentation skills, as well as extraordinary negotiation and interpersonal skills.

At Grudowski Law, we bring these qualities to every case because our clients’ futures often depend largely on our legal abilities.

Contact Grudowski Law today and provide our partners with a basic sense of your needs and situation. We look forward to working with you.